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Shalom and Welcome! Blessed is he who comes in the Name of the Lord! (Ps. 118:26). My name is Baruch Rabinowitz. I am a former ultra-orthodox hassidic rabbi from Israel. Since my earliest childhood I wanted to know God and to live in a deep, loving relationship with Him. What I shall become in my life stood never to discussion: for me it was always absolutely clear - I wanted to be a servant of the Living God. Nothing more and nothing less. After completion of my studies in Jerusalem I was serving 10 years as a community rabbi.

My life turned upside down as I met Jesus and was baptized with the Holy Spirit. I began eagerly to study christian theology - but my soul felt very often upset. Everything has changed as I received a new revelation from the Holy Spirit. I was commended to return to the very root of the Good News and start to preach it all over the world. The Message of the Gospel is indeed very simple: God loves YOU and longs for a loving relationship with YOU. You are redeemed. Your sins are forgiven. New life in Christ Jesus belongs to you with all the riches of God's grace! Jesus said: "It's DONE!" Do you hear that? Let Jesus now into your life. Let Holy Spirit fill you and anoint you! The time is now!